A castle to awaken memories of medieval Normandy

Overlooking the Seine valley, Robert the Devil’s Castle stands on the site of a medieval stronghold dating from the period of ducal Normandy. The fortress, which has been destroyed and rebuilt several times, was home to John Lackland and Philip Augustus. It was rebuilt in the 20th century by Lucien Lefort, a student of Viollet-le-Duc, who gave it its medieval appearance.

Robert the devil’s legend

Robert the Devil is a character of medieval legend.  The wife of one of the dukes of  Normandy, who was unable to have children, asked the Devil for help.  Their pact led to the birth of the legendary medieval character of Robert the Devil.  As a youth he was unbelievably cruel and terrorised the Norman countryside until he repented and embarked on a journey of penitence.  Through this quest he became a valiant fighter and even won favour with the Emperor.  However, he continued to be tormented by his satanic origins and chose to end his days as a hermit.

Robert the Devil’s castle is reborn

Robert the Devil’s Castle was a major attraction in the 1980s and 1990s and is remembered by many people in Normandy for its wax museum and famous Viking ship replica.  It was closed to the public for many years but is now reopening to provide recreational and educational, cultural activities based around the history of the castle and its legend.