Explor Games®

Adventure is the order of the day at Robert the Devil’s Castle!
Whether you’re more into history or nature, choose your scenario, reserve your tablet and let the game app guide you on an exploration full of surprises…

Charlie, your best friend, needs help! Like all children, he takes his favourite toy with him wherever he goes. But since his last trip to Robert the Devil’s castle, his toy has gone missing. Together you set off to find it among the grass and leaves. But look over there! In the bushes, a strange creature is creeping among the rocks and roots… Could it know what’s happened to Charlie’s toy? You’ll have to follow it to find out for sure.

Night-time murmurs, unexplained disappearances and fires… For several years now, strange phenomena have been stirring up Robert the Devil’s castle. Some people claim to have seen the ghosts of Rollon, Mathilde of Flanders, Richard the Lionheart and the bloodthirsty Robert the Devil. Passionate about history and determined to reopen the castle to the public, young Ada decides to go there to unravel the mystery behind these strange legends, with the help of the mysterious Raphaël.


Booking is strongly advised. You can book your game session on our online ticket office , at the Historial Jeanne d’Arc (7 rue Saint-Romain, Rouen) or Aître Saint-Maclou (Rouen)

While at the castle park, head to the “Explor Games® Welcome Point to pick up the tablet, then go on an adventure!